Thank you for checking the rumbling economist. I am a ‘salad’ economist. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University in the lovely city of Fort Collins. I am trained agricultural economist, who has been morphing more into an Environmental and Resource Economist. I studied for my Bachelors at the The University of Zambia. I then headed east to Kenya at Egerton University where I pursued a Collaborative Masters in Agricultural and Applied Economics which saw me do the specialization in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics in South Africa at the University of Pretoria. Since then, I have worked with International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and IFPRI’s Agriculture for Nutrition and Health program in northern Zambia. I enjoyed my interactions with the smallholder farmers and our discussions with them partly inspired this blog. I have also worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Zambia’s Institute of Economic and Social Research until I started my PhD journey in August 2016.

My research interests are widespread. But for now, I am passionate about two things. Agriculture for nutrition and natural resources, especially as it relates to agricultural production. I have also taken interest in gender and decision making among smallholder farmers at the household level and in groups.

In my spare time, I play chess, hike, and stalk professors on Google Scholar :-).